Read Experience, a captivating and unforgettable sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that perfectly evokes Jane Austen’s voice, characters and story.

This clever sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the perfect answer for the legions of Jane Austen readers who have ever wondered what happens after pride & prejudice, and never get enough of Darcy and Elizabeth, the Bennet family, and the other beloved characters from Jane Austen's novel. From start to finish, Meg Kerr proves herself a compelling writer and storyteller with a sparkling sense of humour, evoking Jane Austen's voice, adhering to Jane Austen's projected story line and handling Jane Austen's characters with perfect ease and mastery.

Read an excerpt from Devotion, the much-awaited second sequel to Pride and Prejudice by
Author Meg Kerr.

Experience beautifully evokes Austen's Regency England, with a story beginning just as Darcy and Elizabeth arrive at Pemberley on their honeymoon. They are husband and wife now – but Elizabeth had captured the heart of another man as well…what will that man's swift arrival at Pemberley mean for the Darcys?

Lady Catherine de Bourgh is intent on capturing a husband, with or without his heart, for her daughter who was spurned by Darcy; and Caroline Bingley, also rejected by Darcy, is intent on achieving greater importance in the world through marriage to an aristocrat—yet who is that tall, dark man attracting her gaze who is "not quite a gentleman"? And who is it that Lydia's eyes… and feet… are following?

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"effortlessly in the style of Jane Austen"

Kitty is turning into a woman, and her fine dark eyes are turned towards one who is out of her reach, while Jane and Bingley, who had achieved perfect happiness through their marriage, begin to find it retreating from their grasp. Mary, meanwhile, stakes her happiness on a union of true minds, only to learn that learning all by itself is a cold companion.

As this Pride and Prejudice sequel moves in interwoven stories from the end of 1812 to the end of 1815, Meg Kerr creates a convincing world, shedding new light on much loved old characters, and introducing new characters who will make thousands of friends.

You won't want this captivating and unforgettable Jane Austen sequel to end. This is romance at its best — just as Jane Austen herself would have written it! Like Pride and Prejudice, it will become an instant favourite with lasting appeal for anyone who loves Jane Austin books, original Pride and Prejudice characters or the Pride and Prejudice movies.

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